About SmallBusinesses.org


SmallBusinesses.org gives small business owners and entrepreneurs an online platform where they can easily find the answers to all their business related questions. We zero in and identify organizations and materials that provide crucial services and information to budding entrepreneurs. At SmallBusinesses.org, you can browse our highly recommended references all in one place.

Whether you need to raise capital for starting a business, establish a simplified employee pension (SEP), or apply for a low interest small business credit card, SmallBusinesses.org provides an online network connecting business owners to resources and businesses designed to help small businesses.

We believe that supporting and preserving small companies is the core of a prosperous local economy. When a business is thriving, they offer their communities employment opportunities and an increase in tax revenue. This may be a subtle impact but the added cash flow can finance community programs like fire departments or may be cycled back into the economy via retail spending.

Use our small business directory as a financial and educational resource. Do you have a question for SmallBusinesses.org? Do you have a business or suggestion to add to our directory that would help other small businesses? Please, send us an email!